This gathers key research from across our services about the impact of climate change at a global, regional and markets level. We explain why we don’t believe there has to be a trade-off between preventing global warming and achieving economic growth, but also why climate change will add to the difficulties facing many emerging economies in the coming years.

Climate change and the global economy

Global Economics Focus

The economic impact of climate change at a global and country level

3 December 2019

Long Run Update

How green stimulus could help boost growth

10 March 2021

Long Run Focus

Assessing the impact among EM economies

19 November 2020

Long Run Update

13 January 2022

Long Run Update

16 November 2021

CE Spotlight

22 September 2021

Long Run Update

6 September 2021

Long Run Update

15 October 2021

Our View

There is a clear risk that the world fails to prevent a significant further rise in global temperatures. Although it is only in the second half of this century that the effects of this are likely to have a material impact on global GDP growth, the disproportionate impact on many developing countries will add to the structural headwinds they already face over the next couple of decades.

The impact of climate change on economies and markets

Canada Economics Focus

26 May 2021

US Economics Focus

9 December 2020

Japan Economics Focus

29 June 2021

Industrial Metals Update

2 December 2021

European Commercial Property Update

10 June 2021

Global Markets Update

8 April 2021

Energy Focus

10 November 2021