Is inflation still dead or being reborn? CE Spotlight is a unique series of research and online events examining the global inflation question from all angles. Capital Economics clients can read reports from the CE Spotlight series, view recordings of discussions about the research and access our specially-created charts and research archive about inflation before, during and after the pandemic.

Spotlight Reports

CE Spotlight

The rebirth of inflation?
Group Chief Economist Neil Shearing presents the key takeaways from our special research series.

The debate over inflation has become polarised between those who expect a return to the 1970s and those who believe ...

30 September 2021

CE Spotlight

What would an era of higher inflation mean for currencies?
An assessment of the implications of higher inflation from the perspective of FX markets.

We think that a return to a regime of higher and less stable inflation in many major economies would result ...

30 September 2021

CE Spotlight

What would an era of higher inflation mean for markets?
What the performance of financial asset prices during inflationary episodes past tells us about the markets outlook.

We expect underlying inflation in the US to be significantly higher over the next decade on average than it has ...

29 September 2021

CE Spotlight

Will US-China decoupling be inflationary?

28 September 2021

CE Spotlight

Have emerging markets vanquished inflation?

27 September 2021

CE Spotlight

Will higher inflation force central banks to raise rates?

23 September 2021

CE Spotlight

Will a transition to net-zero cause higher inflation?

22 September 2021

CE Spotlight

How much is too much? Inflation’s costs and benefits

21 September 2021

CE Spotlight

Are the structural headwinds to inflation fading?

20 September 2021

CE Spotlight

Will a post-pandemic surge in demand fuel inflation?

16 September 2021

CE Spotlight

What has driven periods of higher inflation in the past?

14 September 2021

CE Spotlight

How long will pandemic price pressures last?

10 September 2021

Event registration

During the week of 27th September, our economists presented a series of online events to answer questions and take forward discussion about the key issues raised in their research. You can watch recordings of the sessions in the ‘Spotlight Videos’ section below.

Related research and charts

These charts are taken from a specially-created dashboard on CE Interactive, our data and charting platform, to accompany CE Spotlight. We have also chosen a selection of reports from our research archive to showcase our previous work on inflation.

CE Forecast of Headline CPI, Selected DMs (% y/y)

CE Forecast of Headline CPI, Selected EMs (% y/y)

US Economics Focus

Labour shortages will last well into 2022

29 June 2021

Global Inflation Watch

Inflation picture more nuanced than headlines suggest

21 June 2021

US Economics Focus

Coming surge in core inflation to be sustained

6 May 2021

Global Economics Focus

Great Inflation 2.0? Lessons from the 1970s

29 April 2021

Long Run Update

Will demographic changes boost inflationary pressures?

24 March 2021

Global Economics Focus

Will inflation make a comeback?

10 September 2020

Spotlight Videos

An introduction to CE Spotlight followed by recordings of sessions discussing research produced as part of this series.